Street Food & Walking tour of Mumbai

CITY - Mumbai


Get the edge on the Mumbai food scene by joining a local guide on this Mumbai tour for hungry travellers. Your guide will navigate the scene for you, lead you to the hits, avoid the misses, and take the guess work out of street food eating.

Mumbai Tadka


  • Let your taste buds travel for a change, and delight in Mumbai’s favourite foods
  • Enjoy the company of crisp Bombay toast, the tangy pani puri and the stiff south Indian dosa
  • Experience Mumbai the way the locals do – through its delicious flavours and inventive cuisine
  • Navigate Mumbai’s street food stalls in the company of someone who knows the best food finds in the city

What you can expect:

A wise man once said, “You have never really visited a country until you have tasted its food”. We can’t help but agree.

In Mumbai, it’s hard to stay away from the enticing variety of street food, whose delicious aromas make you salivate just by walking past a street food vendor. This Mumbai food tour will introduce you to a variety of cuisines that make Mumbai the street food haven that it is.

We head out to the queen of the suburbs, Bandra, where we will introduce you to multiple food stalls tucked away in different corners, all of which are patronised by celebrities as well as everyday people. Starting with a complimentary sampling of the famous Bombay toast, we will cover a range of cuisines from the South Indian dosa to a guided session on how to eat the famous chat variety pani puri; dripping wet and overflowing with the spicy, flavourful water, you pop it into your mouth and crunch into it all at one go and wait for the explosion of tastes that follows.

We then calm our tastebuds down with a variety of sweetmeats to choose from: jalebi  rasgulla, gulab jamun, ras malai, pedas, ladoo, etc.

Now that we have sampled the local food, it’s time to mingle with the local crowd as we head to a popular local watering hole that ensures our Mumbai tour ends on high spirits.