Private tour of Old Delhi shopping & local sightseeing

CITY - New Delhi


Walk through the narrow streets of Old Delhi and enjoy the traditional Indian lifestyle and culture. Visit the Mosque and Sikh Temple. Enjoy the local shopping like Sarees, Suits, Pieces of jewelry, and Spices and much more with the help of your local guide while exploring the local streets.


Private tour of Old Delhi Shopping & Sightseeing tour


Tour/Activity Highlights:

  • Walk through the lanes of Old Delhi & get insights into the local culture from your guide.
  • Get a chance to visit the Sikh Temple and its Kitchen serving to more than 10,000 people a day.
  • Learn the Negotiations skill from your guide
  • Shop in the Old Delhi, a perfect place for shopping, learning, and dwelling in its culture.
  • Travel to Spice Market, Learn about the Indian Spices, teas where you have the option of buying and taking them back home

Full description:

Start your journey with the Hotel Pick up and travel to the Nearest Metro Station to start exploring the Old Delhi on foot and rickshaw ride. Visit the Jama Masjid (Biggest Mosque in Delhi). Walk through the lanes of Old Delhi bazaars where you are free to look for decorative items for your houses.

Next, Visit the Heritage buildings section. This is a great place for individual photography. You can look for some jewelry over here which comes at a great price.

Next, we proceed to a famous Old Delhi restaurant that is famous for its fried bread. Enjoy the spicy and traditional food the restaurant has been serving since 1875.

Look for some beautiful Sarees/Suits/Lehenga that Indian Women has been wearing for decades for special occasions and day to day life. Learn how to wear a proper Saree with the help of your Guide or female staff available at the shop.

Next, We Visit the Sikh temple (House of Worship for Sikh people). Learn about the culture of Sikh religions, its history and make a visit to the Kitchen Section of the temple that serves food to almost 10,000 people a day.

Later, visit the Spice Market of Old Delhi. One of the Oldest Market of Spices in Asia that has been there since 17th century. Learn about the Indian Spices, teas and much more. You are free to buy them and prepare some delicious cuisines by yourself back home.

At the end of the tour, Get dropped back to the hotel.